Kyoto gives us a joy and the seasonal changes in the scenery. Kyoto accumulated more than a thousand-year-history as a capital of Japan. We KOBAYASHI-KIMONO-SHOP started our business here in Kyoto, respecting and deepen our understandings of Japanese and kimono culture. In order to provide real and hi-quality of kimono and related goods, Making a visit to every distric of kimono production and craftsmen at a reasonable price.

Management philosophy

We KOBAYASHI-KIMONO SHOP express our passion and love toward KIMONO while respecting craftsmen of kimono, With our kimono fans and supporters studying and succeeding kimono and related Japanese Culture for aiming to make peaceful and stable future for our posterity.

Kobayashi Drapery Store

10:00 ~ 19:00 Closed every Tuesday and the second and fourth Wednesday of each month